Living Positive

And Yet He Stays

I'm not the girl he married. I'm not the petite, mischievous, green-eyed devil with a passion for him and for life that had no limit. I'm not the eternal optimist who was sure that with love and a willingness to work hard and hang on through the tough times we could make all our dreams come true together. I'm not the girl who couldn't get enough of holding his hand or hearing him talk. I'm not the girl who just couldn't hug him hard enough to show him how much I loved him. We forged
Vicky Pratt

Sharing a Disease

When I was 45 I wrote an article for my website about growing old and looking forward to it.* Many of my dearest friends and most memorable acquaintances through life have been elderly. They possess such a wealth of wisdom and depth created by years of experiences. I?m one of the few people I know that embraced growing older. My father, a chronic alcoholic, contributed little to my life other than pain; but he did pass on to me his beautiful, shining, platinum silver hair. Strands of it a
Deborah Baker

Huntington's Disease ~ A Metamorphosis of Life

Huntington's has made my life a strange metamorphosis from a child, youth, adult, wife, homemaker, mother, teacher, then....curling up again into my protective cocoon. Shrinking into the hard case of a chrysalis forming round me, protecting my inner self from the critics, confusion and careless thoughts. Many days have past since the real me became trapped inside, hoping to escape the depression, suicidal thoughts, loss of worth and independence, and the other confused feelings a
Ardith Newbold

Preparing to go out on Disability Retirement

Once I had gotten back my "positive" blood test results I didn't know whether or not I should tell them at work. I was already experiencing symptoms such as lack of coordination, losing my balance frequently, walking tilted over to one side, and forgetfulness. I had read the horror stories about those who were demoted because they couldn't handle their current job responsibilities and then, when they finally went out on disability, they went out at the new, lower pay scale, not the original on
Phil Hardt

Positive Living with Huntington's Disease

Good morning. My name is Phil Hardt. I'm going to talk a little about "Men Dealing With HD." Three years ago, when I first began experiencing enough repetitive problems that I was forced to admit that I might have something the matter with me, I was still working full time at AlliedSignal Aerospace, teaching part time at a local community college three to four evenings a week, serving as a youth counselor at my church, and in my spare time I was a husband and father to my eight children
Phil Hardt

Life After Testing Positive

Way back in July, 1996, I tested for Huntington's Disease. A year prior to this, things weren't the same at the cab company where I worked as a dispatcher. I was messing up numbers, sending drivers to the wrong address, being rude to customers on the phone. This wasn't like me! I talked with management and agreed to leave January 1st of 1996. When I tested in July, I got hit with my results. Positive for Huntington's Disease. What bad luck, eh? My sister, Debbie, also tested positive in 1
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