Life After Testing

It is a toss up to say which is worse, growing up knowing you could inherit the disease that has ravaged family members all around you. Or finding out right out of the blue and getting the shock of your life, like I did. On the one hand I was saved the years of stress and worrying about being at risk, but on the other hand it is one hell of a hit, from nowhere, all at once. I had no time to get use to the idea of being at-risk before I was tested for it. I knew Huntingtons ran in my biolo

The HD No One Sees

I am in the early stages and you would have to look hard to see the Huntington?s Disease. My HD is on the inside working its way out. I have often wondered which is worse. Having chorea and an obvious disability or looking "normal" but having many invisible symptoms? I am not alone. There are others in the early stages who are living with the "invisible symptoms" of HD every single day, those who can not show or tell those around them all the different changes they can feel on the inside

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