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HD, Marriages and Relationships

Some observations I've been making over the last couple of months regarding the impact of HD on marriages and relationships: HD is hard on marriages because since our spouses have known us for many, many years, and since we look the same physically, they also presume that we're the same person they've grown to know both emotionally and cognitively. However, in the early stages of HD there are mostly mental, cognitive, and emotional disturbances that begin so subtle that one never associates the
Phil Hardt

Another 5 Minutes

Listen to the sounds of early morning. The birds are chirping while the gentle breeze welcomes the morning. The squeal of school bus tires gathering the children for the fun day ahead. You yawn, stretch, look at the alarm clock and whisper, "Just five more minutes." However, when your child calls out -- "MOM !!" -- five minutes extra sleep will be a treat for another day. What mother doesn't delight in cuddling, washing, feeding, dressing, and powdering her child. The soft scent and fresh a
Loretta Church

A Heart As Big As Alaska

I discovered a treasure named Marie one year before I met her. Actually, I met her on-line, in a Christian Writers' Group, before I finally saw her face-to-face. To some people, meeting on line doesn't qualify as the real thing, but though Marie lived in Colorado, and I in Florida, we had a strong friendship even before we hugged each other at the Denver airport. Our friendship grew as we talked about our writing projects. Faces of Huntington's was my first book and was I ever excited. In her q
Carmen Leal

Life After Testing Positive

Way back in July, 1996, I tested for Huntington's Disease. A year prior to this, things weren't the same at the cab company where I worked as a dispatcher. I was messing up numbers, sending drivers to the wrong address, being rude to customers on the phone. This wasn't like me! I talked with management and agreed to leave January 1st of 1996. When I tested in July, I got hit with my results. Positive for Huntington's Disease. What bad luck, eh? My sister, Debbie, also tested positive in 1