HD Getting Started

In a sense we are all beginners to Huntington’s Disease. Whether HD has been diagnosed in your family for the first time or you are at risk for a disease that was recognized and discussed while you were growing up, there is still much we can learn about the disease from the incredible progress of research and from each other. Today there is more hope than ever and new ways to live positively with HD. HD patients and their families are becoming active partners in their care, learning about new and improved medications, and achieving a new quality of life compared to the past. We have become an active community, educating ourselves, sharing information, and advocating for ourselves and our loved ones. People at risk and those gene positive are following the HDL Cornerstones -- a healthy lifestyle, medical empowerment, community, and a plan for the future -- to enhance their quality of life while almost certainly delaying the onset and progression of the disease. Meanwhile the research pipeline is full of promising drugs, supplements, and gene therapies. Although we are still waiting for the first rigorous clinical trial to confirm that one or more is a real treatment, there are supplements, medications, and strategies to consider now based on studies with mouse models, open label trials, and/or Phase I or II clinical trials. Research into the causes and potential treatments of Huntington’s Disease is exploding. Research updates on the Lighthouse give life to some ideas about what the major treatments or virtual cures of the future are likely to be. Keep checking for research updates!