Zero Suicide Campaign

This article is a repost of an article that was originally posted to the HDlighthouse back on May 5, 2002.

Researchers now know that a direct effect of an expanded Interesting Transcript 15 (the HD gene) is the down regulation of BDNF (ref). Lower brain levels of BDNF are associated with depression (ref). Exercise and diet may be the most effective way to restore BDNF (ref).

It is better to light a candle than to cry our against the darkness. I hope that everyone that reads the Huntington's Disease Lighthouse will join Phil as a proactive HD advocate. Help get the word out on all the exciting new things that are known about HD. Help with Phil's Zero Suicides Campaign. Add your point of light.

Jerry Lampson
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We can unit to raise awareness of depression while eliminating suicide

Together we can make a difference by lowering this unacceptable loss of precious lives!

Zero Suicide Campaign

Phil Hardt

In the heat of our newly advocacy roles I almost forgot to send you my latest ?campaign? handout that I rolled out last week in Michigan: HD-Affected Depression.

Since the appalling suicide rate for those with HD is greater than 7-8 times the national average, and since HDSA sees no need to approach a big manufacturer of anti-depressants to get them to underwrite a National program to raise awareness of depression?s double whammy in HD, and since I brought it up in my reform speech last July, I felt obligated to begin a grassroots campaign to eliminate the suicides we are compelled to still live with because of untreated/unacknowledged HD-Affected Depression.

Last year alone, our support group in Tucson, AZ experienced 2 HD-affected suicides. Our current national suicide rate is appalling and I hope by posting this information and by encouraging others to make, distribute and discuss this handout at their support groups and AGMs, we can unit to raise awareness of depression while eliminating suicide.

I started distributing this handout and talking about what it contains last weekend while speaking at the Michigan Chapter Annual General meeting. I encourage everyone who can to do the same.

When making a tri-fold handout I copy page 2 onto the back of page 1. Page 3, the reference sheet is separate. Page 4 can be blown up to poster size (costs about $4 at Kinko?s for a 2? x 3? black and white poster) and placed up to get everyone?s attention at your next meeting. The handouts should be placed close by! Thank you for helping me with this very important Zero Suicides Campaign! -- Phil

Suicide Prevention Brochure