Advocacy opportunity for Stem Cell Research

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Do you remember that Pres. Obama said that the NIH stem cell guidelines would go under review? Well as part of that review process, YOU are invited to register your opinion with the NIH about what you'd like to see as the guidelines for stem cell research.

Don Reed's family was at the White House when Pres. Obama signed the stem cell bill that reversed federal funding for stem cells. If you want to read up on why it's important that you participate, you might want to read Don's blog: []

You only have until May 26 before the NIH public comment forum is closed. If you just want to go check out the site here's the link: [].

Your comment can be as long as you want it, or as simple as a sentence: "I support the position of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) to improve the new federal stem cell research funding guidelines."

CIRM is the world's largest source of embryonic stem cell research funding, internationally respected. []

There are also several outstanding organizations that have articulated positions worthy of your considered support. For example, the world-renowned International Society for Stem Cell Research, (ISSCR), also has carefully studied the issues involved. Their sample letter can be viewed at the bottom of this page []

Below is an email from the American's for Cures with some other suggestions for writing NIH.

Please........write your letter today![br] Thank you, [br] Jean

Jean Miller