Imagine the Perfect Huntington's Disease Family Care Center

There have been numerous stories of families struggling with issues caused by having one or more family members struggling with Huntington’s disease.  I’ve always wondered what an ideal support network might look like and if it’s possible to put together a self sustaining organization to service those needs.

Toward that end, I’m starting a public modeling exercise that will hopefully morph into something that will be useful in some way (other than demonstrating what I really don’t know).  Many years ago (many!), when I was studying engineering in college, one of the mathematical projects we had to turn in was a model of a working distribution warehouse – and then feed it values that would determine whether or not it was a profitable venture or not or if I was making the best business decisions.  I will NOT share with you how I did … but this effort will be similar in nature.  But in addition I hope the end result will be a usable business plan for a sustainable venture.

An HDLF message board buddy of mine who goes by the handle of Will suggested that the framework for this effort could be guided by the non-profit organization SCORE.  In case you want to follow along their Web site is found at This seems to be a good place to start.  No doubt we’ll tweak a few things as part of the process.  Since I’m a business system analyst and software developer by trade I will not be able to resist remapping some approaches that SCORE uses into something more comfortable to myself.

We’ve already received some great ideas from HD families for services from which they would receive some real benefit.  One of the early steps will be to assimilate those into a vision for the organization, laying out some early goals.

Below are the major components of organizational development SCORE identified.  We will start with these.  The definitions below are provided by SCORE.


The art and science of planning and directing large scale operations; a careful plan or method.

Business Plan

A diagram or scheme detailing the time, attention and labor of people for the purpose of income improvement.

Feasibility Study

A practical, reasonable and probable process for closely examining a subject, with the aim of determining how readily it can be performed or executed.


An idea or scheme marked by foresight; a mental image, a dream. A vision motivates individuals towards shared long-term goals.