Since April 2000 the mission of the HDLighthouse Families Web site is to present and explain the latest research findings so that families afflicted by Huntington's disease can become proactive in their care, have hope for the future, and make good decisions in the present. Additionally we provide information that is vital to the the support of HD families. Where possible we will direct you to specialists in the your area of concern, but if we are able to provide better or more current information then you'll find it here.


Feelings of hopelessness, helplessness, and extreme depression are common in most people/families effected by HD. When your world seems to be out of control and you are overwhelmed with sadness it is easy to fall into that deep dark hole and just stay there. However, the longer you stay down, the harder the climb out will be. When you are depressed for too long you lose the ability to make the happy chemicals you need to balance your brain. I was offered antidepressants by Doctors for years

Anxiety and Panic Attacks, Part Two

Being prone to anxiety and panic attacks is kind of like carrying around a loaded gun; you just never know when it is going to go off on its own. I find it controls my life more than any of my other symptoms, and yet it is invisible to those around me. I try to avoid the things that I know can set me off, but that is not always possible or practical. Sometimes you have no choice but to force yourself to step outside your comfort zone. And that's where the fear lies. I am not afraid of othe

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