Since April 2000 the mission of the HDLighthouse Families Web site is to present and explain the latest research findings so that families afflicted by Huntington's disease can become proactive in their care, have hope for the future, and make good decisions in the present. Additionally we provide information that is vital to the the support of HD families. Where possible we will direct you to specialists in the your area of concern, but if we are able to provide better or more current information then you'll find it here.

Inhibiting the HD protein aggregates

Researchers have discovered four compounds which can inhibit huntingtin's aggregation in cell models and a fruitfly model of HD.

Still the Same

Finding out you have Huntingtons Disease is one of the hardest things many people will deal with in their lifetime. I know I felt like a totally different person after I found out I had HD, back in 1997. The more I learned about it, the scarier the future looked. I read the list of symptoms and at first thought I was automatically destined to get all of them. (I did not realize then that every one with HD has their own mix of symptoms.) The feeling I felt the most right after testing was wort

Adding Curry to Your Diet

AD researchers, looking for a dietary approach to treatment, have become interested in research curcumin, the spice in curry. Curcumin is an antioxidant and a powerful inducer of the heat shock respo
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