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How to Start a Walking Program

We all know that exercise is beneficial for everyone.  It’s particularly important for people with, or at-risk for HD.  A New Year’s resolution made and kept will make you look and feel better.  Do you have to go to a gym 6 days a week and sweat bullets to get in shape?  NO!!!  Do you have to run marathons?  NO!!!  Do you have to spend a fortune on fancy equipment?  NO!!!

Supplement Review - My Favorites

I chose my supplements based on research and cost. I couldn’t afford to take everything I would like to, so I chose those with the best potential at affordable amounts. That’s why I chose Creatine alone instead of a combination of it and Coenzyme Q10. There is not a lot of hard research on neuroprotection, so I also chose under the philosophy “Can’t Hurt, Might Help”.

Let's Talk Turkey

I saw Bob in the hallway at our company yesterday. “Bob, we picked the 19th to have our annual Thanksgiving lunch at work before we learned that your wife will be checking into the hospital to have the baby on that day. I am sorry that you will have to miss the lunch this year.” Bob’s expression changed to one of pure pain. “But I want to be at the lunch.” Bob shuffled his feet. “Maybe I can slip away from the hospital. I will just be waiting anyway.&

Fad Diets

My doctor’s office called last month and insisted that I come in for a check-up. They do that about every five years and I oblige, reluctantly. The nurse pointed to the tall weight scale and said, “Let’s get your weight.” I challenged her, “What if I refuse?” She grinned and pointed to the scale again, “You’re not heavy,” she said as she adjusted the weights on the scale. She tapped and tapped and finally the perfect balance was achi

Fats in the Diet

Most people are confused about the issue of fat in their diet and it is no wonder. It is a well established fact that our bodies need fat to function properly. It is an energy source and is a nutrient used in the production of cell membranes. It helps to regulate blood pressure, heart rate, blood vessel constriction, blood clotting and the nervous system. It carries fat-soluble vitamins, A,D,E and K into our bodies from the food we eat. Without adequate fat in our diets, our hair and skin w

Snack Machine

The man from the vending machine company called my son, Jason, at work one day. His company had put in a small snack vending machine at our company, CDI. All of the proceeds from the machine were collected by the vending company and they sent us a small check to cover the cost of electricity to run it, about $4 a month. I had had mixed emotions about having all those candy bars and potato chips in the break room, but I can only make good choices available for our employees, I am not their fo

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!! Before you think that I am completely bonkers and remind me that New Years is long past, let me tell you that I am celebrating Chinese New Year. 2007 is the year of the Pig and will this year will be on February 18th. Legend says that in ancient times, Buddha asked all the animals to meet him on Chinese New Year. Twelve came, and Buddha named a year after each one. He announced that the people born in each animal's year would have some of that animal's personality. Those bor

Yes, There is Such a Thing as a Free Lunch!

Our family owns a small manufacturing company with about 30 employees. I watched many of our employees drag around with little energy, particularly after their fast food lunch with its heavy load of carbohydrates and grease. I saw our two diabetics eat donuts rather than a meal, and many miss work with minor illnesses. I wondered what effect an improved diet would have. I also wanted Tony and our two sons who work there to have a more nutritious lunch. So, two years ago, I introduced a free

Tony, Me, and Healthy Cooking

Tony tucked in his shirt in front of the bathroom mirror and I watched him. There he was, 6’2”, straight and slim just as he had always been. “It’s not fair,” I wailed. “Look at you. You have not gained five pounds in all the years that we have been married. I have to claw my way to ‘chubby’.” He laughed, “Well, Huntington’s should have some benefit, don’t you think?” I ignored him and continued my lament.
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